Rotterdam, the Netherlands 

I wish to share through my website the materialisation of my past years of time, effort and, above all, passion. Now, educated as a Spatial Designer, I decided to found my studio, forming an independent platform to display my views and abilities.

It has become incremental to me that you are able to touch this, as designing ‘space’ is so often talked about in abstract terms, conceptual choices seemingly plucked from a cloud. Having lived in so many settings, I have a precise understanding of space as tactile, exciting and alive with the capacity for dialogue.

In my vision, this ambiguous notion of ‘space’ is carefully treated as a material, and thus, when working with it, I elevate the outcome to a piece of fine art, an inhabited museum transcending conventions. My mission is to design interiors that gain value as they age, becoming a narrative of personally tailored, quality uncompromised, essence of experience. Each wall I treat as a painting, assembled by creating depth and composition.
By making enduring design choices through furniture, material, lighting and colour, my strong visions have the ability to remain contemporary and those that come to inhabit these spaces are therefore just as much part of the conversation.

The beauty of living is grounded by our ability to engage with beautiful things. 

Thank you,
Mateusz Wiśniewski